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I've been finding myself wanting somewhere more specific than Google Docs to store my ritual texts and other bits and pieces, and SKD's Book of Shadows app is what I've settled on for the moment. Nothing else I looked at was as customizable, while still being designed for the Pagan market (and despite the Wiccanate name, there's nothing amongst the actual features that's specific to Wicca; it works fine with my Druid practice.)

The main part of the app, called "My Book", consists of sections where you can record information about your own and/or other traditions; rituals; spells; journal entries; divinations; and relevant books or other information resources. There is also a gallery where you can upload photos or other illustrations. Supporting this main part is another part called "Components", where you can keep a note of correspondences; instructions for crafts; recipes for food, incense, etc; songs, chants, invocations and other ritual texts; an inventory of ritual items and ingredients; and favourite vendors. All of these can be customized by adding new tabs to represent your own categories. There are also Setup pages where other changes can be made, including setting the app up to be shared amongst multiple users, but as I'm not expecting to use that feature, I haven't explored the options here in detail. Some sections, such as Correspondences, have some standard items pre-loaded, but these can be edited or deleted as you prefer. Finally, there is a Contacts section where you can store contact details for individuals and businesses.

Perhaps ironically, the sections I am using most so far are all in Components rather than in My Book: I've entered a few incense recipes, a few poems, a few prayers and ritual blessings, and a lot of chants and songs. To be honest, I find the distinction between Setup, Components and My Book a little random, but it hasn't taken me long at all to learn where everything is, so that's okay. As long as I can find my way around, I'm good. One of the things I'm finding useful is seeing a Source field every time I enter a new text, which makes me less inclined to skip recording where I found something on the grounds that "I'll remember anyway" (I never do.) Items in each tab are automatically ordered into an alphabetical picklist, which helps me with finding it again, but I guess could be annoying if you prefer a different order.

The main advantage of the app compared to my previous approach of storing everything in Google Drive is greater structure, which is something I like because it helps me feel more oriented, but might not be your thing. Customer service from SKD has also been excellent, whereas with Google I usually assume it's not even worth bothering. Disadvantages are what strikes me at least as a somewhat old-fashioned look and feel (despite only being launched earlier this year) and the fact that the app is Windows-only at the moment. Ideally, I'd like to be able to log into my account from my phone as well, and from a Chrome browser, so that I could access my stuff on the move or from work.

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