Sass Wolf (druidsass) wrote,
Sass Wolf

Course correction

With a certain amount of wistful regret, I have decided not to renew my ADF membership when it expires next month. Regular readers of my other LJ or DW will know that I have been searching for several years for a spiritual path that integrates my spiritual and political beliefs. During my time in ADF, I've clarified the latter to the point where I've realised that I am in fact an anarchist rather than a very libertarian social democrat or a very left-wing liberal. ADF, as an explicitly hierarchical organisation (albeit a democratic one) that engages in politics only to a very limited extent, is not a path that can support that, and to try to change it from within would be the kind of entryism that I despise elsewhere. For similar but not identical reasons, I don't see my long-term spiritual future in the BDO or TDN, either. In the short term, it will be in Reclaiming, but I make no promises beyond that.

I will probably stop writing here, but leave the existing posts up. I am not really using any of my journals actively on any of LJ, DW or DJ at the moment. In the spirit of trying to be more integrated, I will probably stop maintaining a separate Druid Twitter account as well and just create a separate Twitter list on @sashajwolf for pagan stuff I want to read, as I do with my other interests.
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